Roll of Honour
Ch Rainsong Olivier 27c
Ch Rainsong Obsession 27f
Ch Rainsong Conquistador 27b
Ch Rainsong Paloma Picasso 27b
Ch Rainsong Gina Ginelli 27b
Ch Rainsong Magenta Devine 27c
Gr Ch Rainsong Yasmine Lebon 27c
Gr Ch & Pr Rainsong Art Deco 27c
Eur Ch Rainsong Toffeenosed Tilly 27b
Ch Rainsong Rob Roy 27d
Pr Rainsong Mona Lisa 27
Pr Rainsong Blue Samson 27a
Pr Rainsong Passion 27c
Gr Pr Rainsong Paisley Park 27h
Gr Pr Rainsong Diamondsanpearls 27c
Pr Rainsong La Perla 27c
Pr Rainsong Charmed Prudence 27e
Pr Rainsong Hyacinth Bouquet 27a
Ch Rainsong Divine Deco-Dence 27
Pr Rainsong Forget-Me-Not 27a
Ch Rainsong Blessed Patience 27b
Ch Rainsong Secret Affair 27b
Ch & UK IGr Pr Rainsong Xabi Alonso 27
Ch Rainsong Jackie 'O' 27d
Pr Rainsong Will-Scarlet 27d
Gr Ch Rainsong Valentino Rossi 27d
Swe Ch Rainsong Betty Graybelle 27a
Int Ch Rainsong Olivia Dehaviland 27c

Ch Rainsong Super Mario 72 43asq
Gr Pr Rainsong Imrahn Khan 72 45q
Gr Ch Rainsong Lambrini 72 43nq - Shown in the UK,
now a pet and the 1st Burmilla in Uruguay
UK Gr Pr Rainsong Ramprakash 72 43nsq
Gr Pr Rainsong April Showers 72 42n
Gr Ch & UK IGr Pr Rainsong Pashmina 72 43bsq
Gr Pr Rainsong Boogie Knight 72 45n
Ch Rainsong Liam Meeson 72 45b
Ch Rainsong Tundrasson 72 43s
Pr Rainsong Ceylonsapphire 72 45a
Ch Rainsong Objay Dharma 72 45nq
UK OB IGr Pr Rainsong Stevie Gerrard 72 45d
Ch  & Gr Pr Rainsong Psychedelic Fur 72p
Gr Ch Rainsong Jolly-Jack-Tar 72
Gr Ch Rainsong Peri Peri 72 45h
Rainsong Tallulah 72 43sq 1st Adult Asian to win a
Merit and go on to win 4 qualifying Merits and 3 IC's
Rainsong Larousse 72 42bq 1st Asian Smoke to
win a Merit  and go on to win 4 qualifying Merits
Rainsong Pirelli Phantom 72 43nq lost count of
the amount of Merits and IC's won by this wonderful ambassador for the breed!
BRONZE OLYMPIAN IGMC "Rainsong" Pepe Reina 72 45
This lovely chap has become our first "Pedigree Pet" winner
achieving his MC title in three straight shows  and now he's OLYMPIAN BRONZEl!!!!
Ch Rainsong Cherubino 63a
Roll of Honour